Karol Galanciak - Ruby on Rails and Ember.js consultant

About Me

Hi! I’m Karol, a remote Ruby on Rails and Ember.js consultant, currently working as CTO at BookingSync. I build ambitious and high performant web applications.

Thanks to several years of experience and learning new skills every day, I had a chance to work on variety of problems, from building applications from scratch to helping in growing advanced startups in post-MVP phase. The problems I particularly enjoy working on and are areas of my expertise:

  • enteprise integration using messaging systems
  • building microservices
  • building highly-performant REST APIs
  • making Rails applications highly scalable (yes, Rails apps do scale ;))
  • implementing PCI DSS compliant microservices, especially for credit card payments’ processing
  • refactoring legacy applications and making it maintainable

I strongly believe in always giving back. That’s why I’ve been involed in many open source projects and have been sharing knowledge on multiple possibilities (including writing a book and releasing it for free for everyone). I’m always happy to do paid open souce work, mentor developers and write guest blog posts.