Karol Galanciak - Ruby on Rails and Ember.js consultant

About Me

Hi! I’m Karol, a remote Ruby on Rails and Ember.js consultant. I build ambitious and high performant web applications and I would love to help your business expand and solve technical problems.

Thanks to several years of experience and learning new skills every day, I had a chance to work on variety of problems, from building applications from scratch to helping in growing advanced startups in post-MVP phase. The problems I particularly enjoy working and are areas of my expertise:

  • building REST APIs
  • implementing PCI DSS compliant microservices for credit card payments processing
  • building beautiful and fast Single Page Applications
  • higher level architecture
  • refactoring legacy code and making it maintainable

I’ve been working remotely since the very beginning and I’ve mastered the required tools and the means of communication for efficient and productive product development and I would be happy to help your business with establishing remote-first workflow.

I strongly believe in always giving back. That’s why I’ve been involed in many open source projects and have been sharing knowledge on multiple possibilities. I’m always happy to do paid open souce work, mentor developers and write guest blog posts.