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Hi! I'm Karol, I'm a distributed systems architect and a domain expert in vacation rental industry, currently working as CTO at BookingSync.

Thanks to multiple years of experience, working on difficult challenges and being committed to learning new things every day, I had a chance to solve a variety of problems. Here are some things that I particularly enjoy working on and are areas of my expertise:

  • distribitued systems architecture with a strong emphasis on using RabbitMQ and/or Kafka and event-driven design
  • building microservices
  • performance optimizations (yes, Rails certainly can scale)
  • payments/credit card processing and building PCI DSS compliant platforms
  • working with legacy applications, including refactoring and making them maintainable

I strongly believe in always giving back. That's why I've been involed in many open source projects and have been sharing knowledge on multiple occasions (including writing a book and releasing it for free). I'm always happy to do paid open souce work, mentor developers and write guest blog posts.

If you need a consulting in any areas of my expertise or just want to say "hi", feel free to use the form below and send me a message.

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