Ember and ES7: async / await

In the previous blog post we were exploring a new wonderful feature coming with ECMAScript 7: decorators. This time we are going to learn about async / await, which is at this moment at Stage 3 in TC39 process, which means it's already a release candidate that passed Proposal and Draft stages. Just like decorators, it's already available in Babel. Let's see what kind of benefits does it offer.

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Ember and ES7: decorators

ES6 introduced plenty of useful features such as modules, arrow functions, let variables, destructuring, classes and many more which made writing JS code much readable and enjoyable. Thanks to Babel, a JavaScript transpiler, it's been pretty painless to use them all in the applications. If you happen to develop EmberJS apps and use ember-cli, you don't probably think much about Babel or any transpilation as these features are a natural part of every Ember application. But the new features didn't end with ES6, we're going to have even more of them in ES7 (2016). Some of them can already be used, thanks again to Babel. In this blogpost I'm going to explore a very powerful concept which of decorators.

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